Festival traders – are you covered?

The festival season is big business in the UK. With dozens of major events and more than a million people attending at least one festival every year, there are plenty of opportunities for traders to clean up.

However, don’t overlook the importance of having the right insurance for your stall: security, safety and not least the weather are crucial considerations for festival traders, just as they are for festival goers!

If you have an existing business, such as a café or restaurant, find out if your festival offshoot can be covered under an extension of your existing insurance. Some insurers will accommodate this, while others may require you to take out a separate policy. Whatever you end up going for, it’s best to be safe and thorough – then you can get stuck into the festival without any worries.

If you’re taking your business to a festival this summer, here are some things to consider:

Public liability insurance

This is an important consideration as the hectic nature of festivals can increase the risk that somebody suffers an injury on your premises. It’s vital to be insured – and preferably above the standard minimum level of £1 million. You should also make sure the policy for your premises at home will cover you in case something happens while you’re away.

Employers’ liability insurance

This is a legal requirement, and even if you’re planning to man the stall on your own, don’t forget that you can’t be there all the time. Even if you if you ask someone to help you out on a temporary basis , they would be classed as a temporary worker. As such, if anything happens to them, it could mean an employers’ liability claim for you.

Stock, tools and contents cover

Naturally you want to protect your stock from the risk of theft or damage, so spend a bit of time making sure your policy covers what you need. Will your goods be covered if your stall suffers a break-in overnight? What about water damage if the heavens open? It’s also a good idea to check whether your contents are covered during transit to and from the festival site.


It goes without saying that you should keep a sharp eye on your cash while at a festival, as unfortunately pickpockets and sneak-in robbers are common. If you plan to take a large amount of cash with you, it’s best to keep it locked up in a safe overnight and ensure that it’s listed on your policy.

If you're trading at one of this summer's many festivals and would like to learn more about the cover you need, please feel free to contact us.

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