Landlords see house prices rise 8% in a year

The latest House Price Index from the Office for National Statistics shows that it's been a good year for landlords, with house prices rising 8% in the year to end of March.

While year-on-year the figures look really good for landlords, this month's number is slightly down on the 9.2% year-on-year price rise for the month previous.

If you're a landlord based in London it's been even better, with prices up 17% over the same period. The capital's property bubble does appear to be propping up the nation's figures as a whole though, as if you remove London and the South East from the statistics, UK house prices increased by 4.7% in the 12 months to March 2014 - meaning the two regions account for 3.3% of the rise on their own.

However, the bad news for landlords is that this upward curve may not be around for too much longer. The sharp rises in house prices across the country over the past year have been linked by many analysts to the second phase of the Help to Buy Scheme. As a result, some are calling for the scheme to be scaled back sooner than originally planned.

In fact, the prime minister David Cameron felt compelled to weigh into the argument, telling the BBC that "Of course, we will consider any changes that are proposed by (Bank of England governor) Mark Carney. But, as he said, this is a well-targeted scheme that has helped thousands of people get on the housing ladder and to have mortgages." Cameron then is clearly open to suggestions from the BoE on Help to Buy, but whether this means the 5% deposit scheme will be scaled back any time soon remains to be seen.

Over recent months, we have wondered whether the upward trend in housing figures is reflected in the personal experiences of the landlords that make their living from the housing market. As a private landlord, how has the housing market been for you in recent times? We'd love to hear your story.