Mumpreneurs. You really can do it all!

Setting up your own successful business is impressive. Combine that with the raising and taking care of a family and you have something else altogether. This week at Jelf Small Business we are celebrating Mumpreneurs and their accomplishments.

Today we talk to Stacie Franklin, mother and owner of Dudes N Dolls, a UK company that provides trendy, organic apparel for babies and toddlers. Stacie tells us of the challenges, rewards and motivations behind setting up her own business, whilst being a new mum to baby Cameron. 

Why did you decide to combine two of the most challenging life experiences?

I've always been quite an independent spirit and always knew that I would love to run my own business, I think everybody loves the idea of working for themselves! A lot of the people who had a big influence in my life work for themselves so they were great role models for me. 

What was the main motivator for you to become an entrepreneur and set up your own company?

I really want to give my son the continuity each day of me being there when he wakes up and has his breakfast to when he has his tea and gets ready for bed each night, but I also want to be able to contribute financially.

What have been the most difficult challenges in this journey and the most rewarding aspects?

I think the biggest challenge was actually starting my business. I felt like I kept waiting for the "perfect time", not feeling ready and so many other excuses before I finally took the leap. Everything that has come up since then has been easier than that first big challenge.

How do you balance work/family/me time? Is it difficult when working from home to leave one and focus on the other?

Yes I think it can be difficult, technology definitely makes it easier to manage my time but I do have to be disciplined. At one point, I was checking my emails until early hours of the morning which was crazy with a baby that wakes up at 6am each day! I think I balance it now by just enjoying it; it is a business but also a 'hobby'.

The term “Mumpreneur” is often used with divided opinion, how do you feel about the term?

I think the term 'Mumpreneur' is actually a compliment! Highlighting the fact that we as women are able to have a successful business as well as being a full-time mum and creating that right balance between work and family. 

Your business Dudes N Dolls is aimed at other mothers. What advice would you give to mums out there who are contemplating leaving their roles to become Mumpreneurs?

Trust your intuition; don’t think about the things that could go wrong, you will never know if you don’t try! And obviously enjoy what you do, it makes even the hardest tasks that much easier! 

Inspired? Interested in going it alone yourself? Take a look at our helpful guide to starting your own business. 

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