Real advice from a real entrepreneur

We have heard how Life Media UK got started, how it grew and the experiences that came with it. Now one of its owners Sunjay is going to round off the three part series with his top tips for any of you that are about to embark on your own entrepreneurial journey. With his real life experience of building a business from the ground up during the recession and with absolutely no funding, these tips could prove invaluable…

Never underestimate the importance of social media

Social media is great. It shows off your work, it raises brand awareness and it keeps you relevant. We don’t look to directly generate business from the social media platforms, but we know potential clients will take a look to see what we are up to. It is also a great way to communicate our business ethos to a large audience, which is important to us.

Your website is your shop window

Having a good website is imperative. A website is your shop front and your products or films (in our case) are your visual merchandising. Your website is a direct reflection of your business so please get a good website and get an awesome film!

Use every chance to network

But networking in both a formal and informal sense has been extremely valuable for us. The majority of our work has and still does, come from referrals. Meet people. Real human beings are your biggest asset. Big business is done in person and even with the advent of the digital era, I really don’t see that going away. Make time to meet people, make time to speak to people. A genuine personality can go a really long way.

Top Tip: Don’t let anything hold you back

It was 2012 and I was 20 years old heading to my first business network meeting in a shirt and tie. Everyone there had been in business longer than I’d been in school. I was intimidated and felt like we weren’t professional or serious enough to be there! I left that day with not one bit of business and I only spoke to about 3 people.

I tell this story because 2 years later I started networking again. And now when I walk into the room, I realise my age is one of my biggest advantages. People love to see a successful young person in business. It helps me stand out and once people speak to me and take a look at our work we gain a lot of respect from them because they admire how much we’ve accomplished at a relatively young age. I’ve been complimented about this numerous times and a client of mine actually said he knew we would be right for the job because we were still in touch with a wider audience. So looking back, it wasn’t my age that ever held me back but it was actually my confidence and my own outlook on my age.




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