• Breaching the trust

    As a small business owner, you most likely have close and trusting relationships with your employees. And I am sure it is difficult to think of one of your employees breaching your trust, but unfortunately it does happen from time to time.

  • How to reward your employees when you can’t afford a pay rise

    As a Small Business owner you will value your employees hugely, they probably go above and beyond their job description taking on more roles and responsibilities. And sometimes it’s quite difficult to find a way to show your appreciation by giving them a pay rise because times are tough. But remember giving your team a pay bump isn’t the only option for reward, there are many other options to make them feel valued, empowered and appreciated. Below we list just four of them.

  • Joining forces

    Starting a company can be daunting, so sometimes it is logical to do it with someone else. The legal structure to a small business partnership is particularly favourable, the way it is set up, ran, governed and taxed can be very attractive.

  • Would your business survive?

    Imagine if a disaster such as a fire or a flood struck your business leaving it temporarily out of action. • What would happen to your business? • Could you continue as normal? • Could you continue paying your bills and wages?

  • Six Simple Steps to Easy Auto-Enrolment

    As I am sure you are aware the Auto-Enrolment deadlines are fast approaching and all businesses must meet the new regulations and requirements set by the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Over the next three years over 800,000 employees will stage, therefore, whenever your staging date may be, it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you will put the requirements into place.

  • Is your Small Business operating illegally?

    Let’s face it, insurance isn’t a particularly exciting aspect of your small business and it is often another task on your “to do list”. But if you don’t have insurance then there could be serious consequences, putting your business and its stakeholders in unnecessary risk.

  • Ten Of The Best University Spin-out Successes

    Spin-outs are important for universities. Not just to show how their research impacts the world but to make money. Although their high-risk status means accessing funding is a challenge, this hasn’t stopped many UK universities from launching thousands of start-up businesses over the last 15 years.

    Dani Booth Dani Booth Search Marketing Manager
  • 5 reasons why you should have landlord insurance

    Landlord insurance might not be a legal requirement but it is a sensible step to take to protect you against unforeseen events. The right type of insurance can mean that you are covered for large pay outs which can be incredibly costly.

  • To buy or to lease? That is the question

    When it comes to starting your business, one of the first things to think about is your assets. Those physical things that make your business real like office furniture, IT equipment, and company vehicles. At the beginning of your journey you may not have the type of cash to invest outright so you may decide to rent or hire purchase them instead.

  • Traders – get to the festival worry free

    With festival season almost upon us, most of the UK is gearing up for a summer of camping, dancing and hearing our favourite bands. The festival business is huge in the UK and seems to be growing every year. With more than a million people attending at least one festival this year, there are plenty of opportunities for traders to coin in.