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“Feeling fear was the driver to push on and succeed”

In the last blog we heard about how Life Media UK got started to become the success it is today, its challenges and its highlights. In part 2 of our series with Sunjay, he tells us about the experiences he has had with Life Media UK during its growth.

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  • Employment law in 2016

    The New Year is well underway and your 2016 business plans are probably firing on all cylinders. But did your plans take into account the forthcoming employment law changes due for 2016.

    Dani Booth Dani Booth Search Marketing Manager
  • Has the lack of a plan hindered your small businesses growth?

    1 in 4 small and medium-sized businesses in the UK have decided against implementing a business plan, which can leave them fragile if the business comes into hardship. According to Barclays, 23% of SME’s do not have a business plan or strategy in place at all. Barclays research goes on to reveal that less than half of the UK’s small businesses do have a business plan, whilst the other 25% believe they have a verbal and informal plan in place.