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“Feeling fear was the driver to push on and succeed”

In the last blog we heard about how Life Media UK got started to become the success it is today, its challenges and its highlights. In part 2 of our series with Sunjay, he tells us about the experiences he has had with Life Media UK during its growth.

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  • Small Business owners of Peach Pink tell us the key ingredients for start up success

    Last year, Jelf Small Business identified you both as “Mumpreneurs to watch in 2014”, could you give us a brief overview of how Peach Pink has grown and developed since 2013… It has been a busy year for us, we have worked hard to promote our brand through social media and increased our website sales as a result of this. We have also successfully trialled selling our brand through home parties and corporate sales events. We see this as a growth area for 2015. Our next event is a stand at the Country Living Christmas Fair at the BDC Islington from 12-16th November where we are looking forward to meeting our customers face to face.

  • We interview Rebecca, owner of award winning small business Get Ahead VA

    I always knew I wanted to run my own business. My mother ran a tutorial business from home when I was growing up and was a great role model for me. My corporate career in buying was fantastic experience and gave me a great set of contacts but once my children were born my priorities changed. I wanted to give my girls the continuity of me being able to do school drop off and pick up but I also wanted to contribute financially. Setting up my own business gave me that opportunity.

  • Mumpreneurs. You really can do it all!

    Setting up your own successful business is impressive. Combine that with the raising and taking care of a family and you have something else altogether. This week at Jelf Small Business we are celebrating Mumpreneurs and their accomplishments.

  • Meals for Squeals update with Jackie Novels

    Last year, Jelf Small Business identified Jackie Novels as a “Mumpreneur to watch in 2014” and in true style she has dazzled this year by being named Business Mother of the Year in the Natwest Venus Awards.

  • Jelf Small Business blog review of 2013

    It's been a big year, and we have been overwhelmed by the great response we have had to the blog since we started posting in July. As is customary at the end of the year, we thought we would take a bit of time to look back at some of the most well-read posts of the year.

    Dani Booth Dani Booth Search Marketing Manager
  • Mumpreneurs to watch in 2014

    Yes, the time for 2014 previews has arrived! After highlighting some of the inspirational winners at the Mumpreneur Awards 2013 last week, we thought this time we would look ahead to next year's awards and highlight a few Mumpreneurs we think are set for a great year.

    Dani Booth Dani Booth Search Marketing Manager
  • Mumpreneur UK’s Inspirational Business Mums of 2013

    We all know setting up a small business is impressive. Combining setting up a small business with the raising and taking care of a family is something else altogether. It is a feat worthy of recognition perhaps in the form of a statue or at least a trophy of some kind. It was with this idea in mind that Mumpreneur UK was founded – a support network celebrating mums in business.

    Paul Williams Paul Williams e-Trading Manager