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“Feeling fear was the driver to push on and succeed”

In the last blog we heard about how Life Media UK got started to become the success it is today, its challenges and its highlights. In part 2 of our series with Sunjay, he tells us about the experiences he has had with Life Media UK during its growth.

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  • Social media: balancing risks & benefits

    The subject of social media can elicit a mixed response. Sometimes excited. Sometimes fearful. Social provides your business with the possibility of unlimited reach. It’s shaping the way businesses do business. However, social channels can also prove hazardous to your business – depending on how you and your employees use it.

    Dani Booth Dani Booth Search Marketing Manager
  • What affects directors today?

    Changes in legislation are becoming more and more frequent these days, and quite often having a direct effect on businesses, specifically where a lack of due diligence becomes the responsibility of senior management to be aware and act upon these changes. The alternative means risking a hefty fine.

  • Don't let winter get in the way of your Small Business

    The winters of recent years have shown how susceptible the UK is to extreme weather, and how detrimental its effects can be on your small business. Extreme weather is one of the five main threats to any businesses ability to trade. Creating a Business Continuity Plan is a crucial step and will help you make sure you’re ‘battle-ready’ and able to act should any unexpected extreme weather conditions occur.

    Dani Booth Dani Booth Search Marketing Manager
  • Want to reduce the risks to your business? Create a plan

    We have all heard the adage ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’ and when it comes to business there is a lot of truth in these words. Although you’re always going to try your best for your business, things do occasionally go wrong.