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“Feeling fear was the driver to push on and succeed”

In the last blog we heard about how Life Media UK got started to become the success it is today, its challenges and its highlights. In part 2 of our series with Sunjay, he tells us about the experiences he has had with Life Media UK during its growth.

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  • People risks: Part 2

    In part 2 of our series about people risk in small business, we focus on another issue: invoice fraud. With so much attention on cybercrime, and the IT measures small businesses can take to protect themselves from such activity, it seems that the most common error has slipped from focus; human error.

  • Tips for exiting your Small Business

    When starting your own business, the idea of it ending is usually far, far away from your thoughts. Why would you need to think of an exit strategy when you are just beginning? As an entrepreneur your focus is so fixated on getting your business and dream off the ground that not much else matters. But as we know planning is vital, whether it is to begin or end your small business. You may want to stay in the same business until you retire or you may want to build it up until you can sell it for a fortune, either way it is best practice to have an exit strategy planned early on.

  • Give your small business some TLC

    Remember when you were just starting up your business? The excitement, the anxiety, the panic and the familiar flurry of butterflies in your tummy. Sounds a lot like a new love really doesn’t it?

  • Why 2015 is the year to become a true entrepreneur!

    If you are considering becoming an entrepreneur, 2015 looks like the year to take the leap. Startatcus lists a number of reasons why this year is the year to start a successful business. There are now more start-ups, self-employed and small businesses than ever before; in fact 99% of the 4.9 million businesses in the UK are small and micro businesses. As this is a key sector of the market, it must be increasingly important for policy makers to focus on growth and sustainability of small businesses in order to see our economy flourish.

  • 6 Simple steps to get your Start-Up off the ground

    You want to start your own business, you have your idea and everything is in place – now what? Instead of sitting around expecting the phone to ring or an email to flash up, be proactive and get your name out there. Starting a business can be intimidating; here are some tips to help lift it off the ground.

  • NatWest to offer Additional Finance and Resources to SMEs

    NatWest has announced that it will offer £15 million worth of opportunities to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which it called "a step-change" in how it supports entrepreneurial talent in the UK.

    Louise Warren Louise Warren Marketing Manager
  • 8 of the Best Business Blogs for Startups

    In my recent post where I explored the concept of the lean startup, I touched upon the wealth of cost-fee information available online. Gaining advice from these ‘been there and done that’ experts can help you with almost all aspects of your business – all for free.

    Dani Booth Dani Booth Search Marketing Manager
  • Five Startup Business Myths… Dispelled!

    To water-down the risks associated with starting a business would be unwise. But it’s a bigger mistake to be so convinced by common myths that you’re prevented from starting a business in the first place.

    Dani Booth Dani Booth Search Marketing Manager
  • Start Your Business for Less than the Cost of Your Daily Coffee.

    Starting your own business doesn't have to be expensive. Given a little up front planning and research and, outside of the potential need to register the company, I've found that you can get the bare essentials in place with the change in your pocket.

    Dani Booth Dani Booth Search Marketing Manager
  • Are you a Mac? Or are you a PC?

    "IT's job is to empower users with the tools they need to do their job well." That's the opinion of Ben Fried, CIO of Google, speaking at tech conference Interop in 2012. He's talking about the business's decision to allow employees to choose their hardware, and the accompanying software - so if a new developer wants to use Linux, or a designer prefers to use a Mac rather than a Windows PC, they can.

    Dani Booth Dani Booth Search Marketing Manager