Tool Cover

From a set of expensive chisels to a pair of high-end hair scissors, whatever your trade, the tools you use are likely to bet the lifeblood of your business. If your tools were lost, stolen or damaged it’s likely that the running of your business would be affected. Tool Cover can help take away some of the worry, providing you with the funds you need to get back to business.

Tool Cover can be added to any one of our insurance packages and is a simple way of adding an extra level of protection to your business.

What does Tool Cover protect?

This cover is suitable for all sorts of trade professionals from the Master Carpenter to the Senior Stylist. A full list of the types of tools this cover is designed to protect would be too long for this page. Put simply, if your business counts on a high value tool such as hand-tools, power-tools and other equipment, Tool Cover may be able to help keep your wheels in motion should the worst happens, by providing you with the fund you need to arrange replacement or repair. As with any insurance, it is vital that you pay close attention to any policy terms of conditions, especially those that concern the storage of tools in your vehicle.

Why do you need Tool Cover?

The bigger questions here are: What would you do if the tools you used to work were damaged or stolen? Do you have a backup equipment to call on while you arrange a replacement? How much business could you loose from not being able to work while you look for a replacement? It is exactly these risks faced by your business that Tool Cover aims to help you mitigate. 

How much Tool Cover will you need?

As with all types of insurance, the amount of cover you need is directly related to the assets you are protecting, so you will need to establish how much it would cost to replace your tools should they be lost, damaged or stolen. The amount of cover available on our panel varies from insurer to insurer, but most will allow you to take up to £10,000 worth of cover to protect your tools –but it’s important for you to check the cover provided meets your requirements. Larger items requiring cover such as Plant Machinery are more suited to Plant Equipment Insurance , which is designed for these bigger ticket items. If you have any doubts about the level of cover you need, call the team who will be happy to talk you through your options.